Open Saturday 9AM-9PM Sunday 12-9PM 
Tournaments 1st Fri each month starting March 7PM-1AM
770-745-4803 Call for Information 

Catch and Keep Lake Fish $2.00 per Pound 
Admission Adults $5.00 Children under 10 $2.50 
This is a catch and keep lake and release is not allowed. 
Landing nets must be used on all fish and groups must stay together to share the net. 
If you do not have a net we rent them for $3.00 

Catch and Release 
Admission Adults $10.00 Children under 10 $5.00 
This is our trophy lake with fish up to 86 lbs all fish are to be released. 
We have several catfish between 15 and 60 lbs. and carp up to 24 lbs.
Because this lake is release only, we will gladly show you how to use a net to land 
and pliers to remove the hook and release fish. We need your cooperation to maintain 
large healthy fish. We do not allow fishing for any other species of fish as they 
maintain the food chain. As you see in our pictures we have very healthy fish and 
a clean environment for you and your family. 
We also offer discounts for groups and Senior Citizens at 65.
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